Dream Weaver Quarter Horses

Breeding and Raising Quality AQHA quarter horses

yoncalla oregon.oakland oregon

we bought 2/3 bed house 81 acres .irrigation hay fields.obviousely im more excited about the barn than anything!typical horse girl! the address is oakland but we are stone throw away from yoncalla .the filly pictured with HEATHER,the sorrell is dw diamond rocket.sire:ole man maxmillion.dam:mary b rocket.shown on our stallion and mare page.pictured at 3 years. black filly 2010.sire:ole man maxmillion dam:jet chick annie.jet deck,desierto, and THE OLE MAN,oustanding papers and quite the looker too!definite eye catcher!of course all of ole man maxmillions foals are! 1st pic doug on the excavator loading the offroad truck.

horses in the pond

these guys just love this they roll in it,splash have a good time

4 horse starting gates for race training..........

   once we get  set up i will  be taking in boarding horses,along with training and lessons.a variety of services will be offered along with a pre purchase exam here i am willing to go ride a horse and give you my opinion if its suited to your needs.done alot of this for long distance buyerswe also will be starting a new 4-h club for horses.thought about adding a swine 4-h club also...........updates as we get closer to getting the barns up.. the one shown above is on our property but too far from the house.our stallions are going to be pasture breeding this year along with hand breeding a few

our horses


. 1st picture is one of our stallion "ole man maxmillion" yes hes in with the foals.2 are his one is his grandson.he really likes the babies and they got real upset when i seperated them.the foals were screaming for him like he was there dam.pretty funny.

heather in the bucket of the bobcat

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